Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Trends 2011: Bold and Bright

Spring Trends 2011: Bold and Bright
As you all know, this spring bold and bright colors are totally in. Splashes of neon pinks, blues, and greens are great colors to toss into a normally bland outfit to make it fabulous. Pulling off a whole outfit of firetruck red, and bright orange shoes can appear to be a daunting feat, so instead opt for pieces to mix into your wardrobe with splashes of crazy colors. Before walking out the door, throw on a yellow scarf such as Versace's embroidered shawl, or if your bold, choose to rock a pair of colored jeans with a neutral shirt. Following this specific spring trend is so simple and can be completely wallet friendly. If spending $290 on a scarf is not exactly your cup of tea, stop at stores such as Forever 21 that sell cute accessories for minimal prices. Whatever your budget, incorporating happy colors into your everyday outfits is a great way to get into the mood for spring.
Splendid vintage top
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Playboy grey sunglass
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Versace embroidered shawl
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Purple hair accessory

Shopping List: March

Shopping List: March
This month there are several things that I am absolutely dying to have in my possession before the end of this dreary and rainy March. Spring means I can take out my pastel ballet flats, slip on a cardigan instead of a parka, and rock a fabulous pair of sunglasses. Bright colors (think fuchsia, girls!), forever classic nautical stripes, wedges, and silk pieces are all in this season and I intend on incorporating all of these fabulous trends into my wardrobe for the next few months to come. Items that are on the forefront of my mind to bust out of my collection include pieces that I have always loved, and new fun finds to put to the test. Inspired by the bold and bright articles spotted on the runways, I opted to purchase a daring blush that could be toned down or cranked up. Smashbox's Blush Rush in Radiance is just that; a fabulous and crazy bright cool tone fuchsia. A second honorable mention from my March Shopping List is St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse, a forever favorite of mine that I always have had handy in my arsenal. St. Tropez has never left me with streaks, an orange hue, or blotchiness. All three of these factors make a bout of pasty legs a thing of the past. Although a warm and sunny spring getaway may not be in my near future, not having to blast my heat and wear seven layers of clothing is definitely a plus.

What is on your shopping list for March? Will you be following any of the trends for this Spring? If so, which ones?


Shopping List: March by xoebc

Marc by marc jacobs watch
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ultra shines - back to the fuchsia
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