Monday, August 22, 2011

A Package in the Mail

Previously before my recent purchase from Sigma, I owned two brushes from the company. The large angled contour (F40) and the duo stippling brush (F50). Both I was very satisfied with besides the shedding from the F50, the overall performance of the brush made it worth it. Because of my satisfaction with Sigma's products I made a second order for five more brushes

Tapered Blending (E40) : a blending brush is such an essential to beautiful eye makeup. Unless desired, lines should not be harsh or sharp on the eye. Colors should seamlessly blend together

Pencil (E30) : a pencil brush is used to define the outer "V" of the eye, or to apply colors to the crease. Pencil brushes are made for precision

Small Angle (E65) : I am absolutely determined to master eyeliner. Who say's I can't have a perfect cat eye?

Concealer (F70) : I am currently debating between getting MAC's Studio Finish concealer or Make Up For Ever's Full Cover. Either way I'll need a good concealer brush, as my last one was a piece of junk

Tapered Highlighter (F35) : This brush I have been wanting forever so I'm so glad I ordered it. I am a huge highlighter fan so anything that fits into that category I must buy

Overall I am very happy with my brushes. I can't wait to take them out to play! One thing I do plan on doing differently is washing the brushes before I use them. I have heard this can help eliminate potential shedding...we'll see!