Thursday, August 11, 2011

Purchases of the Month

Every working girl knows spending a paycheck on "necessities" can mean about a million things. A new red lipstick? That's necessary. A rose gold boyfriend watch? No brainer. And the list could go on. So because of the extra boost in my bank account I have in fact been treating myself (possibly a little too much). But hey, everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while.......(or twice a month)

One thing I can say for myself however is that the gorgeous blouse above was not a purchase made on my own credit card but instead a gift. I received this coral-pink shirt for my birthday and have yet to make it's debut onto Xo and thought today would be a good day. I also picked up two pairs of shoes that were basically shouting my name across the store.

Um hello? Who could actually say NO to these flats. I am pretty sure I have heard about Kathy Van Zeeland however I never actually saw anything from her line. Let's just say I was sold and will most definitely be looking into more of her designs

I drool a little every time I look at these jewel encrusted beauties

I have literally been on the hunt for a good pair of wedges this whole summer. Yes, I know, the summer is on it's last leg, but better late then never, right?? Loving the army green braided straps

(sorry for the blurry picture, but I wanted to make sure you girls got a full view of the top)

I'm not a bright color person, but seeing the absolutely beautiful detailing on this top I just could not let it go. I left the store empty handed though because of the expensive price tag, I think it was $70? I can't remember. My mother being sneaky passed along that I wanted the top and I ended up opening up a box with it inside at a family party! Mom's are really great like that

Hope this picture heavy post didn't bother anyone! When I read blogs the more pictures the better, I don't believe you can get a true feel of the piece unless you see all the details. Summer has been fabulous and has been presenting me with some great opportunities, I hope all of your summers are going similarly!