Saturday, April 30, 2011

Organization for Even the Smallest of Closets #3

7. Something that is often neglected is properly hanging ones skirts. Or at least saving as much space while doing so. I found a fabulous skirt hanger that truly is an ocd princesses dream. Storing four skirts while only taking up the space of one hanger is my dream at least. You can find such hangers at

8. Last but not least is the treasured garment bag. The bag that holds your best and most expensive dress, or the blazers your recently got pressed. Garment bags can be found just about anywhere but in order to match the canvas boxes for storage and shoes (call me crazy) I opted for Crate and Barrels which was decently priced at $12.00


Organization for Even the Smallest of Closets #2

4. Hangers. Hangers. Hangers. Now some of you may have heard of Joy Mangano the housewive legend, but she is an "inventer" who has created many household items that Susan, Lynette, and Bree Van de Kamp only saw in their dreams. Joy's "Huggable Hangers" come in several different colors, I personally opted for black. Each hanger is velvet with either chrome or brass hardware. Somehow, these hangers create three times the space in your closet then you thought you ever had. I honestly can not explain to you how, but they do. Trust me on this

5. I love belts, but sometimes they can be tricky to store. This problem can be easily solved with a curved hanger that is sleek as the Huggable Hangers beside it. There are many different styles of belt hangers but the one I found the most space sufficient was one that I found on for $3.99 (P.S. this hanger can also be used for your mans ties)

6. Probably the biggest issue I always have is where to store my bags. I usually have about three that I keep out and keep the rest in hiding until I'm ready to switch things up. A great way to organize your "it" bags of the week is by installing a hook railing to the inside of your closet door (this way they don't add a cluttered feeling to your room and are securely stored) I found a great one that was very sleek and chic on Walmart's site for a fabulous price of only $9.97


Organization for Even the Smallest of Closets

Even though most consider me a neat freak and slightly obsessive compulsive, organization and neatness is something I find very important in ones home and life in general. After moving in late August I faced a rather large complication. And that was my closet. It was small, dark, and overall awful for any woman. However I took the obstacle as an opportunity to furthermore organize my belongings and utilize as much space as possible in my new home. The next few posts will be focusing on products you can purchase to achieve this

1. One of the few things that were good about my new closet was the shelve it had. This provided a space to store out of season accessories such as mittens, hats, and gloves. Canvas boxes are the perfect way to pile up winter gear in the summer and vice versa. Finding such boxes is fabulous especially when you can snag a set with labeling sleeves. The canvas storage solutions below can be found on the Crate and Barrel. Larger boxes can be purchased for $16.95 and smaller boxes for $13.95

2. One thing I despise is a closet floor cluttered with shoes that are in no apparent order. What a better way to organize them then with matching canvas boxes listed in step number one? These boxes are built in with a window for easy access and even easier visibility. Boxes can be bought from for $44.99 for a set of four

3. Another great way to create space in ones closet through removing out of season clothing is by storing them in a large under bed storage bag. Removing your big bulky parka and that fabulous velvet skirt frees up your closet a lot more then you would think. Such storage bags can be purchased from stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohls, Target, and other such stores, however I did spot one from Crate and Barrel that had a removable divider that could be useful to some depending on what was going to be stored.