Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'm back! I hope at least.. School and work have been so crazy and hectic I haven't had any spare time for myself. I miss blogging so so much and hope I can begin to get back into the swing of things. Even right now I'm not fully focusing on this post, as I am simultaneously writing a paper for my British Literature course at the same time. Christmas is right around the corner so I wanted to share a few bits on what I hope to receive under the Christmas tree this year!

Ulta has a super gorgeous trio of Butter London's best selling metallic polishes. I need this

I have been searching for the perfect faux fur rocker chic jacket for quite some time. Either the color of the fur wasn't just right, the way it hung at the shoulders wasn't perfect, or the quality of the article was lacking, I was able to come up with a million reasons to dismiss every jacket I came across. That was until I found this jewel on Nasty Gal. I'm in love

I've probably mentioned Michael Kors Rose Gold watch more than anything else on my blog. So, not suprisingly, I'm asking Santa for it

I am an organization freak. To do lists give me just as much of a rush as shopping does. Don't judge me I get my ocd from my mother.... Therefore, when I spotted Kate Spade's planner I became beyond giddy. I would be 100% content if this was all I received on the 25th...I kid you not

No one can own too many t-shirts. No one

St Tropez has been my holy grail for a while now in the tanning department. However during the colder months I've noticed the mousse can be troublesome on dry(er) skin. I've decided to begin trying out other self tanners and see if my trusty St Tropez remains number one. First to be checked off my list is Xen-Tan

What is on all of your Christmas/holiday wishlists this year? Feel free to leave links below of what you hope to receive this snowy season. Lots and lots of love


Saturday, October 1, 2011

In & Out of the Week

Fall, give me some chilly weather please!
Chinese food.......I will drop any diet for chicken fried rice
Urban Decay Virgin and Sin mixed together = a super gorgeous lid or highlight color
 Volunteer work, I've been looking into volunteer opportunities in my area..nothings feels better then helping those in need
Bold lips
Real Housewives of New Jersey (die hard fan)

All this rain we've had! I want sunny days that are crisp and chilly
Sinus infections. I sound like I have a clothes pin on my nose
The post office (did you know it's $10.00 to send a small package??!)
I lost my Viva Glam Gaga lipglass WHICH I LOVED, and MAC's Sakura blush :(


Friday, September 30, 2011

Summary of the Past Week(S) ......shame on me

I know. I truly am a terrible blogger. Not only have I not posted in weeks, but I have not even give you lovely ladies an update on my life! In my defense school has begun once again (it is nearing one solid month since school began) and it is quite tricky to juggle so many things all at once. Now I believe I have done two other posts similar to this one, but I decided to take a create a post following Mouldy Fruits model that I really adore. Pictures are the top reason I will subscribe to a blog. Maybe I'm lazy and don't like to read long posts, but I find pictures give you a peak into another girl (or guys) life through a computer screen...which is pretty incredible when you really think about it

1. I really am a leopard moderation of course, so I just had to put this little Dooney & Bourke coin purse to use. My bag is always filled with way too many things, often causing my headphones to become a tangled instead I have been storing them in this cute little pouch
2. About a week ago I went to a concert at a small local venue with two friends. This view was only achieved after convincing the bouncers to allow us to go down to the "mosh pit" per say
3. Betsey Johnson is so crazy and fabulous. I'm not a huge fan of her clothes but I do love her as a designer. TGIF
4. A fabulous sandwich from Whole Food's I just had to photograph because it was just so delicious (mozzarella and tomato on a baguette)
5. Mac Miller (an up and coming rapper from the East Coast)
6. Super lazy day on Wednesday. Usually I like to look presentable for class but I opted for Nike Dunks and a white tee instead....tisk tisk!
7. Mac Miller tickets, unfortunately "Row 1" did not mean the first row.........I meant the first row on the balcony.......three flights up
8. An incredibly awful parking job made by my friend Dan
9. Um....Want?


Monday, August 22, 2011

A Package in the Mail

Previously before my recent purchase from Sigma, I owned two brushes from the company. The large angled contour (F40) and the duo stippling brush (F50). Both I was very satisfied with besides the shedding from the F50, the overall performance of the brush made it worth it. Because of my satisfaction with Sigma's products I made a second order for five more brushes

Tapered Blending (E40) : a blending brush is such an essential to beautiful eye makeup. Unless desired, lines should not be harsh or sharp on the eye. Colors should seamlessly blend together

Pencil (E30) : a pencil brush is used to define the outer "V" of the eye, or to apply colors to the crease. Pencil brushes are made for precision

Small Angle (E65) : I am absolutely determined to master eyeliner. Who say's I can't have a perfect cat eye?

Concealer (F70) : I am currently debating between getting MAC's Studio Finish concealer or Make Up For Ever's Full Cover. Either way I'll need a good concealer brush, as my last one was a piece of junk

Tapered Highlighter (F35) : This brush I have been wanting forever so I'm so glad I ordered it. I am a huge highlighter fan so anything that fits into that category I must buy

Overall I am very happy with my brushes. I can't wait to take them out to play! One thing I do plan on doing differently is washing the brushes before I use them. I have heard this can help eliminate potential shedding...we'll see!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

"I like my money right where I can see it - hanging in my closet" - Sex and the City

I've had my fair share of fake leather jackets, all of which were cute and affordable. I have not however, ever owned a genuine leather jacket. I feel like pieces such as those are ones that have to be just right. Classic pieces should always be what you invest the most amount of money into. A perfect LBD, Italian made pumps, or a gorgeous leather jacket are items girls on a budget should choose to splurge on instead of trendy pieces that come and go. Marshalls and TJMaxx are the perfect places to seek out such clothing articles. During a spur of the moment trip to TJMaxx I ended up walking out with a Michael Kors leather jacket that is truly to die for. After a little research I learned the original price of the jacket was $400......I payed $150

I can't wait for fall to come now! I never thought I would be saying that

What will be your go to piece for the fall? Do you think splurging on classic pieces is worth it, or an unnecessary dent in your wallet?


Friday, August 19, 2011

Fall Necessities and Desires

After scoring a leather Michael Kors jacket for an absolutely amazing price I thought to do a fall check list of must haves. Here is what is on my mind for the breezy season

Tory flats have been on my closet wishlist for far too long. The real question however, is what color or print to purchase them in?

No one does fall nail colors better than OPI. I just couldn't seem to wait for the plums, eggplants, and navies and opted for Lincoln Park After Dark to grace my toes during a recent pedicure. Lincoln Park is a polish used by many celebrities including Lauren Conrad and the Kardashian sisters and the absolute perfect fall nail shade

The forever classic leather jacket. Now I've had my fair share of faux imitators but I have yet to own a real leather piece. But now I do. While scouring through the racks at TJMaxx I discovered a sales woman hanging up jackets into a new section. I immediately saw the security buttons swaying and speed walked my way right over. What a fabulous surprise. You'll all have to wait to see a post on what an incredible score I made!

Yet another item I've been eying for ages. I decided to take the plunge and sometime within September make my way to the Nordstroms counter which has been calling my name for months

The forever perfect pout..MAC's Russian Red. Not only a fall staple but a classy one at that

Due to the fact that a Van Cleef & Arpel necklace is not a blow my wallet can suffer, I found an alternative for several thousand less. Stella & Dot's Signature Clover necklace in gold is $69.99 and a perfect piece for any outfit

Whats on your fall necessities and desires list? What do you find yourself pulling out of the closet come September?


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Purchases of the Month

Every working girl knows spending a paycheck on "necessities" can mean about a million things. A new red lipstick? That's necessary. A rose gold boyfriend watch? No brainer. And the list could go on. So because of the extra boost in my bank account I have in fact been treating myself (possibly a little too much). But hey, everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while.......(or twice a month)

One thing I can say for myself however is that the gorgeous blouse above was not a purchase made on my own credit card but instead a gift. I received this coral-pink shirt for my birthday and have yet to make it's debut onto Xo and thought today would be a good day. I also picked up two pairs of shoes that were basically shouting my name across the store.

Um hello? Who could actually say NO to these flats. I am pretty sure I have heard about Kathy Van Zeeland however I never actually saw anything from her line. Let's just say I was sold and will most definitely be looking into more of her designs

I drool a little every time I look at these jewel encrusted beauties

I have literally been on the hunt for a good pair of wedges this whole summer. Yes, I know, the summer is on it's last leg, but better late then never, right?? Loving the army green braided straps

(sorry for the blurry picture, but I wanted to make sure you girls got a full view of the top)

I'm not a bright color person, but seeing the absolutely beautiful detailing on this top I just could not let it go. I left the store empty handed though because of the expensive price tag, I think it was $70? I can't remember. My mother being sneaky passed along that I wanted the top and I ended up opening up a box with it inside at a family party! Mom's are really great like that

Hope this picture heavy post didn't bother anyone! When I read blogs the more pictures the better, I don't believe you can get a true feel of the piece unless you see all the details. Summer has been fabulous and has been presenting me with some great opportunities, I hope all of your summers are going similarly!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summary of the Past Week

Although I've been pretty absent from blogging lately I decided to post a few pictures from the past week to give somewhat of a visual update with some blurry iPhone snapshots

After just inserting this picture I realized how unappetizing it looks. I do promise however that it was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately my close girlfriend will be leaving soon for a 12 month stay in Israel so we have been attempting to go out as much as possible before her move. Thursday we went to an Italian restaurant called Andino's. I ordered the gnocchi (a potato pasta) with pink vodka sauce. It was incredible and definitely worth the large amount of carbs

Sunday I went to Newport to spend the day with my family. We spent a majority of the day on a beautiful private beach. Who doesn't like to be pampered?

I am trying to get back into the habit of regularly blogging so keep checking back! I hope you all had a fabulous week like I did


Thursday, July 28, 2011

OOTN: Outfit of the Night

Shame on me for being such a bad blogger! I recently got a new job and have been incredibly busy. I haven't forgotten about you girls though! Here's a quick outfit of the night from last Saturday. I haven't had an opportunity to wear my tie dye BCBG dress since I bought it last summer so I was super excited to wear it out. I paired it with my recently purchased Coach gladiator sandals which I am totally loving. Along with the sandals I wore my Michael Kors bronze leather cuff. It is so fabulous and bold I drool every time I look at it. I kept my makeup simple with a thin application of Studio Fix, a slight contour and very highlighted cheek bones with Dior's Amber Lights. Hope all of you are having an amazing summer!


PS Sorry for all the unfocused iPhone pictures!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hello Ladies!
Just wanted to let all of you know I have two reviews on the way of two fabulous products that I'm a little late to be picking up.

Stay tuned!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Love or Lust

black on black on black


Bold and Brash

Gold and bold is essentially what makes up my jewelry box. A new piece I recently received as a birthday present was a textured gold chain link necklace by Betsey Johnson. The interlocking links are a muted gold and lays about four to five inches from my belly button (just to give you an idea of how long it is). The links are textured giving it a unique edge. I haven't seen a Betsey Johnson piece I have liked in a while but this necklace definitely changed my mind

Below I gave some ideas of how to pair similar jewelry with outfits. I chose my navy blazer from Gap and a striped long sleeve shirt from H&M

Hope you girls enjoyed this post! The Betsey Johnson necklace is still available on the Macy's website for $38.00 which I have linked here