Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'm back! I hope at least.. School and work have been so crazy and hectic I haven't had any spare time for myself. I miss blogging so so much and hope I can begin to get back into the swing of things. Even right now I'm not fully focusing on this post, as I am simultaneously writing a paper for my British Literature course at the same time. Christmas is right around the corner so I wanted to share a few bits on what I hope to receive under the Christmas tree this year!

Ulta has a super gorgeous trio of Butter London's best selling metallic polishes. I need this

I have been searching for the perfect faux fur rocker chic jacket for quite some time. Either the color of the fur wasn't just right, the way it hung at the shoulders wasn't perfect, or the quality of the article was lacking, I was able to come up with a million reasons to dismiss every jacket I came across. That was until I found this jewel on Nasty Gal. I'm in love

I've probably mentioned Michael Kors Rose Gold watch more than anything else on my blog. So, not suprisingly, I'm asking Santa for it

I am an organization freak. To do lists give me just as much of a rush as shopping does. Don't judge me I get my ocd from my mother.... Therefore, when I spotted Kate Spade's planner I became beyond giddy. I would be 100% content if this was all I received on the 25th...I kid you not

No one can own too many t-shirts. No one

St Tropez has been my holy grail for a while now in the tanning department. However during the colder months I've noticed the mousse can be troublesome on dry(er) skin. I've decided to begin trying out other self tanners and see if my trusty St Tropez remains number one. First to be checked off my list is Xen-Tan

What is on all of your Christmas/holiday wishlists this year? Feel free to leave links below of what you hope to receive this snowy season. Lots and lots of love