Monday, June 20, 2011

A Cheap and Foolproof Way for a Fabulous White Smile

All girls desire a shiny white smile. A woman or mans smile is one of the very first things you notice about someones physical appearance; so why not start off with a great first impression? Through trial and error I've found the most efficient, low cost, and result yielding process for pearly whites. Plus White 5 Minute Bleach Whitening Gel has been on the market far longer then Crest White Strips etc. The assumption that you get what you pay for, I opted for pricier whitening systems. Did I see a difference with pricier whitening products? Yes. Were the results worth the price? No. So while in Walgreens I picked up my last alternative before professional whitening. Thank god I did. Below I will give detailed instructions on the process I use. Hope this helps some of you girls! (and guys)


Plus White 5 Minute Bleach Whitening Gel can be found at Walgreens and occasionally Walmart, unfortunately I haven't been able to find it anywhere else. You can also purchase it select websites for a few dollars cheaper, such as Amazon. But beware, the last time I ordered Plus White to save three dollars, I received a bottle filled with an unidentifiable liquid.....ew (I believe the gel melted for whatever reason)

You do not necessarily have to follow my way of apply Plus White, you can also simply put it on your toothbrush in combination with your toothpaste, or apply directly to your teeth with a qtip. I have found however that making my own trays ensures I don't ingest 90% of the gel, and also I can be positive that the product was working on my teeth for the instructed 30 minutes.

Make sure when purchasing your tube you shake it beforehand. I've noticed occasionally the gel can turn to a liquid for whatever reason

Purchase moldable mouthguards from a sports supplier, or any store such as Target, Walmart etc. Because mouthguards are meant for your upper teeth only, it will feel weird molding the second mouthguard to your bottom teeth. I personally think the results are worth the slight discomfort.


After thirty minutes is up, remove the mouthguards and rinse your mouth out. Although the gel is okay to ingest, I'd rather not be swallowing a product containing bleach.
The results are fantastic, and I would love to hear from those who try this method out. Did it work for you? Did it not? What whitening products do you use?