Friday, September 30, 2011

Summary of the Past Week(S) ......shame on me

I know. I truly am a terrible blogger. Not only have I not posted in weeks, but I have not even give you lovely ladies an update on my life! In my defense school has begun once again (it is nearing one solid month since school began) and it is quite tricky to juggle so many things all at once. Now I believe I have done two other posts similar to this one, but I decided to take a create a post following Mouldy Fruits model that I really adore. Pictures are the top reason I will subscribe to a blog. Maybe I'm lazy and don't like to read long posts, but I find pictures give you a peak into another girl (or guys) life through a computer screen...which is pretty incredible when you really think about it

1. I really am a leopard moderation of course, so I just had to put this little Dooney & Bourke coin purse to use. My bag is always filled with way too many things, often causing my headphones to become a tangled instead I have been storing them in this cute little pouch
2. About a week ago I went to a concert at a small local venue with two friends. This view was only achieved after convincing the bouncers to allow us to go down to the "mosh pit" per say
3. Betsey Johnson is so crazy and fabulous. I'm not a huge fan of her clothes but I do love her as a designer. TGIF
4. A fabulous sandwich from Whole Food's I just had to photograph because it was just so delicious (mozzarella and tomato on a baguette)
5. Mac Miller (an up and coming rapper from the East Coast)
6. Super lazy day on Wednesday. Usually I like to look presentable for class but I opted for Nike Dunks and a white tee instead....tisk tisk!
7. Mac Miller tickets, unfortunately "Row 1" did not mean the first row.........I meant the first row on the balcony.......three flights up
8. An incredibly awful parking job made by my friend Dan
9. Um....Want?