Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Fabulous Find and a Fabulous Vacation

I recently returned from a long overdue holiday in Southern Florida on the island of Key West. I spent a majority of my time at my resort, the Waldorf Astoria, by their pools and private beach. The area was beautiful and was secluded from the Orlando commotion. Unfortunately, good shopping was scarce however I did find two boutiques that sold gorgeous silk maxi dresses, cotton tunics, and jewelery. While I was there I noticed a large selection of turquoise pieces and just had to check them out. I found a ring that I immediately fell in love with due to my infatuation with cocktail rings and statement jewelry. I was slightly disappointed that the ring was not authentic silver however the turquoise was real so I caved in and purchased it. Large rings are a fabulous edition to a relatively simple outfit, giving it an edge and a pop. If you are looking for a cheap alternative, check out your Forever 21 and their large costume jewelry selection. If you're opting for a piece of value visit local boutiques and vintage shops to find one of a kind finger candy. Photos of the ring are pictured below.


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