Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Skincare Regime

I've always been interested in what people use on their skin daily.  Some women swear by department store products, others have been using the same Cetaphil moisturizing lotion since high school. I however, have yet to find the perfect skin regime for my skin. Because of my age I occasionally deal with hormonal acne that is common during teens and early twenties. My skin is extremely temperamental, depending on the day my skin can be clear and a perfect canvas, and other days it can be congested and dry. Although irritating, I continue to search for products that suit my face. I have been using a combination of two products recently that I have yet to make a final decision on however I have been able to create a pro and con list for each

Biore: Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser


 - has a cooling affect
 - depending on the severity of a breakout, this cleanser can slightly diminish the appearance
 - the bottle has quite a bit of product, I have had this cleanser for about four months now
 - hygienic and easy to use container


 - sometimes shows results, and sometimes doesn't
 - could irritate sensitive skin because of cooling sensation

Cetaphil: Moisturizing Cream


 - this tub will last me until my final year of college...but actually
 - noncomedogen, meaning Cetaphil's cream will not break you out
 - can be used on face as well as body for intense hydration
 - sinks into skin effectively

So far I have not found any cons!

So wrapping up my post about my two latest skincare finds, I intend on continually updating all of you as I continue to test out new products and if you have any questions feel free to comment below!


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