Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Trend 2011: Wedges

I have always been a wedge lover and this year is no exception. Wedges are a great way to turn a simple outfit of a tshirt and shorts to a more fashion friendly alternative. Wedges also elongate the leg especially if you rock a nude toned pair. One thing wedges do not have to be is expensive and out of any girls reach. The wedges I displayed above range in the 50-100 dollar range. Now you may find such prices still too expensive, however a quality pair of wedges will last you more then just one summer, making it a great piece to "invest" in.

1. Steve Madden shoes are always a great way to achieve a runway look in a more affordable manner. Madden's "Riddgge" sandals come in three colors including "Blush Patent", a great nude color, "Black", and "Natural". The heel is 4 1/2 inches with a 1/2 inch platform. "Riddgge" sandals can be bought on Piperlime for $100 or on Ebay for $89.95 (this seller only has the "blush patent" available however)

2. DV by Dolce Vita is a brand that I am a huge fan of. DV has affordable shoes that are always fashion forward and fabulous. DV's "Toni" wedge is just that. "Toni" is absolutely gorgeous with a tassel zipper closer (tassels are very hot right now), an espadrille style wedge, and a 4 1/4 inch heel and 3/4 platform. "Toni" is available in "Coral Suede", "Turquoise Suede", "Black Suede", and "Natural Suede". "Natural Suede", "Black Suede", and "Turquoise Suede" can all be purchased from Nordstrom's for $78.95. "Coral Suede" can be purchased for significantly cheaper from Reflection for $69.99

3. A second pair of Steve Madden wedges is their "Fantasik" sandal. "Fantasik" has a golden buckle closure and braided straps. "Fantasik" comes in "Khaki" and "Black". Endless was the site I found to have the cheapest prices for Madden's "Fantasik" sandal at $69.95, ten dollars less then any other store selling them

4. Max Studio's "Faviene" wedge is a great buy with it's stylish cutouts, 4 inch heel and 1 inch platform, and it's leather lining. "Faviene" is available in "Cuoio", a more natural color with a dark brown wedge, and "Canapa", a lighter brown with a light brown wedge. "Faviene" can be purchased from Piperlime for $79.99

5. Tinley Road's "Capri" sandal has unique detailing with a faux leather border around the base of the shoe, a woven wedge, and a buckle closure. "Capri" comes in three colors including "Black", "Cognac", and "Nude". "Capri" is sold on Piperlime for $55


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