Saturday, April 30, 2011

Organization for Even the Smallest of Closets #2

4. Hangers. Hangers. Hangers. Now some of you may have heard of Joy Mangano the housewive legend, but she is an "inventer" who has created many household items that Susan, Lynette, and Bree Van de Kamp only saw in their dreams. Joy's "Huggable Hangers" come in several different colors, I personally opted for black. Each hanger is velvet with either chrome or brass hardware. Somehow, these hangers create three times the space in your closet then you thought you ever had. I honestly can not explain to you how, but they do. Trust me on this

5. I love belts, but sometimes they can be tricky to store. This problem can be easily solved with a curved hanger that is sleek as the Huggable Hangers beside it. There are many different styles of belt hangers but the one I found the most space sufficient was one that I found on for $3.99 (P.S. this hanger can also be used for your mans ties)

6. Probably the biggest issue I always have is where to store my bags. I usually have about three that I keep out and keep the rest in hiding until I'm ready to switch things up. A great way to organize your "it" bags of the week is by installing a hook railing to the inside of your closet door (this way they don't add a cluttered feeling to your room and are securely stored) I found a great one that was very sleek and chic on Walmart's site for a fabulous price of only $9.97


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