Monday, May 30, 2011

How To: Deep Clean Your Brushes

(this brush was wet, that's why it looks so grimy fyi !)

1. When cleaning your brushes always have your water at room temperature, water that is too hot can damage the fibers of the brush

- if your water is "hard" meaning you have a well system, opt for bottled water instead. Hard water is high in minerals and just like how it can be detrimental to your hair, it can be to your brushes

2. There are many brush shampoos that you can purchase, however using a light shampoo such as Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo or Dial soap is completely fine

- purchasing a shampoo created specifically for brushes is perfectly ok, I just find I save quite a bit more money by sticking to baby shampoo or just regular Dial handsoap

3. When washing your brushes, make sure you treat them with care. Avoid getting water anywhere besides the bristles. Water can loosen the glue that binds the handle of the brush.

- Use back and forth motions like you are actually using the brush, this prevents damaging the brush bristles and keeping them properly shaped

4. After thoroughly rinsing the brushes to ensure no soap is left over, place them on a paper towel to air dry

- some brushes come with brush guards, such as Sigma brushes. If your brushes do, have them dry with the guards on. Although it will take them ten times longer to dry, they will maintain their shape and stay in perfect condition

Things to avoid:

- drying your brushes with a blow dryer, no matter how low the setting is, or how careful you are being, it is very easy to ruin the shape of a brush. Just don't risk it

- never use a clarifying shampoo to wash your brushes, this can cause the dye in the bristles to seep out

How often do you do a deep clean of your brushes? Every week, every few weeks? Do you buy a brush shampoo, or make use of products you have at home? Let me know


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